How to Prepare ALASKAN Snow Legs®

Once you know how to prepare ALASKAN Snow Legs® you will always have the option of many quick and easy meals at your fingertips.



Grab: Allow five or six pieces to thaw slightly, just to the point where you can hear the ice crystals breaking when you jog the leg back and forth. Grab leg on both ends.

Jiggle: Jiggle the product back and forth. At this point, you should begin to feel the product loosen in the middle and see the product begin to shred.

Twist: Take both hands and twist in the opposite direction. This will cause the product to shred further and break apart.

Pull: Continue to jog the product in the twisted position, and pull outward until one half breaks into each hand.


Snack Pack: Pack it to go in a sealable container with your choice of dipping sauce. We like enjoying it with butter or to throw in a slice of lemon with cocktail sauce or Sriracha sauce. With a prep time of less than a minute, this is something you can whip together in the morning before you head out the door. Also, because it is high in protein and low in calories it’s a good protein boost in your busy day or an excellent recovery food after exercise.