Bacon-Wrapped ALASKAN Snow Legs®

bacon-wrapped-sl-1-2If you love bacon, then you know it is hard to go wrong with bacon wraps. This combination of surf and turf is a big favorite with the meat lovers.


  • ALASKAN Snow Legs®
  • Bacon (recommend Safeway’s precooked bacon)
  • Skewers

For each wrap, take a half a piece of bacon and one ALASKAN Snow Leg® pulled into two pieces. To pull the Leg, grab, jiggle, and twist the ALASKAN Snow Leg®. Lay the two pieces of ALASKAN Snow Legs® on top of each other and arrange them so the pulled, ‘shredded’ looking part sticks out on both ends. Wrap the two pieces in bacon and hold them together with a skewer and arrange as you like on a platter.