Neptune Crab Classic Party Platter

Just take a look at that platter! This makes a beautiful centerpiece to any arrangement. A quick trip to one of our partner grocery stores for the Legs, lemon, lettuce, and cocktail sauce will get you on your way to the start of a great seafood celebration.


  •  2 lb ALASKAN Snow Legs®
  • Jar of cocktail sauce
  • Lettuce
  • Lemon
  • Parsley for garnish

On a 12 inch party tray, line the tray with pre-sanitized lettuce. Place jar of Cocktail sauce in the middle and begin to build your layer of ALASKAN Snow Legs®. To pull the ALASKAN Snow Legs® apart, grab, jiggle, and twist the ALASKAN Snow Legs®. Then start your base layer around the outside of the tray, towards the edge and work your way all the way around the try. The next layer sits in a little from the first. And the third layer is a smaller circle still, up close around the cocktail sauce jar. To top it off,  add lemon wedges and parsley around the cocktail sauce for garnish.