San Juan Street Tacos


The Pacific Northwest prides itself in its rich food culture, and paramount in that is its emphasis on local, sustainable, natural food. With this as our inspiration, we came up with this original recipe inspired by the San Juan Islands of Washington: Sugiyo’s San Juan Street Tacos. Good, simple ingredients to give you an absolutely delicious meal.

Prep time- 35-45 minutes serves 4


  • 1  red bell pepper or 2 small red sweet peppers, diced
  • 1/2 small chopped onion, or add onion powder to taste
  • 1 clove finely chopped garlic or add garlic powder to taste
  • 16 ALASKAN Snow Legs® – pulled into halves or thirds. 
  • 12-16 – 4-inch flour tortillas
  • 2/3 stick of butter or margarine or oil of choice

Note – to round out the meal, start cooking rice or black beans of choice for a side dish.

Use a large skillet. When the skillet is hot cook each side of tortillas for 20-30 seconds per side and hold in warm oven, buttered and under foil or cover. Use hot skillet to sauté red peppers and onions with 3/4 stick of butter or other oil of choice. Add in garlic for the last 2 minutes of sautéing. When onions become golden turn off stove. Wait 5 minutes and pour torn ALASKAN Snow Legs® into hot skillet with butter and veggies. Caution not to pour moisture into hot oil in pan unless pan has cooled for 5 minutes. Gently fold pieces together with spatula, leaving large Leg pieces intact and let warm by hot pan.

Serve family style on table with hot tortillas and side dishes of choice.  Salad , rice or black beans recommended.